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On paper the image will fill about 84% of the paper, matting will hide the embossed stamp. Canvas prints are printed with gallery wrapping in mind

Open Edition: All paper images are printed on Epson Luster Paper. I personally print the images and sign them.

Limited Editions Prints: All paper images are printed on Epson Cold Press Bright 310 gr. Paper. I personally print and sign the images. The images that are printed on paper have my Epson Digigraphie embossed stamp on the front under the image. On the back there is also a stamp with information about print number and print date. All Limited Edition images have Certificate of Authenticity . All Limited Editions have records of how to bought them and when.

Canvas LE images: Canvas Prints do not have the embossed stamp they will have a black Digigraphie stamp on the back. They are signed and numbered on the front before varnish is put over. Images are printed onto Epson Canvas. Hahnemuhle Varnish is used over the artwork to protect it from UV light and humidity. They are unframed ready to be put on a stretcher frame.

After each size has been sold out the image in that size goes out of print not to be sold again. There will only be printed a total of 120 copies of each image in the Limited Edition prints. Both paper and canvas count, meaning; if 50 images are printed on paper and 10 on canvas this would fill the 1/60 limit. AP images are always printed on paper.


Print run: My Limited Edition prints are printed in 3 sizes for maximum of 120 copies total. For each size there are 1. Artist Proof (A/P) making it total of 3. A/P

They are in the following 3. sizes in quantity of 1/60 1/ 45/ and 1/25 

Sizes: 60x40 cm (16x20 inch) 90x60 cm (24x36 inch) and 120x80 cm (47x30 inch)

SquareFormat: Sizes: 60x60 cm (20x20 inch) 80x80 cm (32x32 inch) and 100x100 cm (40x40 inch)

All images printed on Epson printers using Epson Ink and Paper.


Centimeters / Inches

On the side I present the images as they will be printed on paper with some white around each image. This will not be like this if the images are printed onto canvas, then the image will fill the front and mirrored on the sides (Gallery wrapping) The images on the side are shown in centimeter measurements look, 60x40cm 90x60 cm ext.. All images are available in Inches sizes but some cropping might be necessary.

Some images in Open Edition are available in bigger format, if interest please send email to check if the image is available.


World Wide. All images are shipped in a strong Black Cardboard Postal Tube.

I use the Icelandic post service for regular posts. Express post I use Fedex, DHL or UPS. Tracking is provided with each image.

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