Mount Kirkjufell

Mount Kirkjufell 463 m.

In Grundarfjordur in the Snaefellsnes peninsula there is this most photographed mountain in Iceland Mount Kirkjufell. I had in my mind the many images I had seen of this mountain in Iceland. And as so many before I had also made a decision to shoot this mountain using the river as a foreground, very traditional angle. When I arrived there were many people there on and and around the spot I had in mind so I drove on. Not far away from the road leaving Grundarfjordur I saw a dirt road leading down to the beach. I was curious  because I saw these old pols on the shore leading into the sea.

Upon arriving there I saw that the tight was leaving and in just 30 minutes my shoot would be ruined because I did not want the water edge in the image so I shot only 2 long exposure images from this angle. I have many images of this mountain but this is the only one from this spot.

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